Friday, June 19, 2015

Michael Jackson - An Angel Of L.O.V.E.

25th of June is coming and my heart has been crying for some time now. I try to stay positive and thank God for the wonderful gift of being alive in this generation to have had the honor to follow Michael Jackson's career since I was a little girl.

I was born a lightworker but I could have chosen not to do anything, but when I saw Michael for the first time there was no way back, if that Larger than life Angel, with fame, money was so humble and caring to want to change the world, like the lyrics of Man In The Mirror: "Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their needs." Who was I not to try to make this world a better place?

Michael Jackson was a gift sent from God to this world to teach us love, unity and charity. And for that he paid the ultimate price. ANYONE THAT THINKS THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER IS SEEN AS DANGEROUS. He was no exception. 

He spent his whole life being label weird, a freak, eccentric. Slandered by the media with lies and gossip and falsely accused of being a child molester, something that broke his spirit since his mission in this world was to show us all that we should care for our children cause they are the future. We are responsible for the adults they will become.

Michael Jackson was the voice for the voiceless, he was the strength for the minorities. He just wanted to do good and love and be loved by the human being he was and not the cash machine he could be.

The world was not prepared for someone like him. Cause in the sick minds of most of us, there is always an agenda. Like my mother used to tell me when I was a child, that people would always think you are capable of doing what they are capable of doing. Since most of us do the things we do with second intentions being them wanting fame, money, celebrity, attention, control and manipulation of others. etc... we don't know what pure, unconditional love is. Most of us couldn't believe Michael Jackson was any different and thought: "He can't be that good, something is not right with this guy." And later with the allegations the sick minded ones thought: "I knew it, he couldn't be that good." Yes he could, and he was!

I decided to write this because we the fans are part of his legacy and I noticed that we have been dividing ourselves due to fakes on social networks, but not only that. NO fake in the world could divide us if we didn't allow them to. We are forgetting that Michael Jackson was about LOVE and not hate. He was about UNITY (WE ARE ONE) and not fights and division. He would never tell you to block a fellow fan, not even if this fan had hurt him for real. He would never tell you to attack anyone, he would never put himself in the "I'm the victim" character. Michael Jackson was a warrior. He never asked anyone to fight his fight for him, on the contrary, he would use his tools, his power to fight our fights for us.

Let's remember the REAL Michael Jackson, the one we love and his message of LOVE, UNITY, TOLERANCE AND CHARITY. Let's remember the Michael Jackson that asked us not to judge people, specially the ones we don't even know. Let's remember the Michael Jackson that asked us so many times to HEAL THE WORLD.

And for the ones that only talk about haters, "Oh poor me I have haters", haters, haters, haters, blablabla. Let's pray for these ones cause what they need is love. You talk about what's in your heart, even when you have no conscience you're doing it. If all you talk about is haters, the hate is in your head and heart, nowhere else.

So, let's honor Michael Jackson the best way we can following his messages, the love is there, in his music, in his actions, in his smile. Let's try to be united and respect each other for the love of him, even when we have different opinions. That's what He would want us to do as his fans and his legacy. Because we are the ones now with the job to continue what he started. And let's never forget that our Hero Michael Jackson is the man called L.O.V.E.

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