Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Being A Moonwalker: Then, Now And Forever

It's simple but at the same time very hard, cause it's really personal. I have been a Michael Jackson fan for about 26 years now.

The first time I saw him I saw the child in the mirror, he was everything I wanted to be as a human being, what I was meant to be as a lightworker (we are here to change the world).

Being a Moonwalker was always an amazing thing for me. I had the luck to only meet people in my real life that liked or respected MJ. I was lucky enough in my whole life to be around people that even not being his fans liked his songs that I put to play so loud everyday to dance and sing and sometimes they would even scream from the street for me to play it again. It was really fun to see the reaction of others to his music, videos, his art in general and my interaction with it all.

That Michael is a genius everybody knows, but what brought me even closer to him was his heart, his humanitarian self. I could see him with my heart, not only my eyes. He became a big part of my life, my heart and my own self.

As a Brazilian child I learned English to understand his lyrics and it was so easy because I could already feel what he meant on his songs. He is the beat, he is the man I call Love.

I grew up with MJ. His love, his music. He was all around me, he was my heartbeat and that helped me go through the difficult times I had in my life and still does to this day. I had to watch him suffer hell and I suffered with him and he always showed a super human strength so I had to be strong too. If he could do it, so could I.

I won't go into details cause as I said before it's hard because it's personal and most people won't understand anyway, people will think is just another crazy fan that wants to feel special, who is obsessed, but my relationship with Michael Jackson goes beyond being a fan, goes on a spiritual level, I could see his soul, not only his genius, but actually the depth of his genuine love and concern for this planet. We had the same mission on this earth just in different levels.

He made me a better person, he helped me accept myself as I was, beautifully different, and when he was gone he took a part of me with him and left a part of him with me. We are one as he always said.

Being a Moonwalker for me is so much more than posting pictures of him on social networks, having his albums and memorabilia, supporting him and his family, it's who I am and who I will always be.

I love you and miss you Michael Jackson from the bottom of my heart and I will always love you. Thank you for being in my life my Magical Child. Thank you for bringing so much joy, light and love to the world. May God bless you and we will meet someday, just watch!

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