Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Misterious Project Of Michael Jackson

In 1983, Michael offered to pay the renewal of the family mansion in Encino. New projects are mostly ideas of Michael.

Katherine Jackson shares the mysterious design of Michael to his family: Michael had a decorating project that he was determined to keep secret.

"Do not climb into the attic," he kept telling me. "Attic" was the name we gave to two small rooms above the garage. Were in those rooms that he was working.

"Well, I will not go up," I assured him. Even if I had wanted to take a peek, and I had, I could not. Michael kept the door locked. Michael let us know that he was preparing a gift for the family in those rooms.

One day, finally, Michael said, "I want the whole family here. We're having a party. I want to show you what I did to the attic."

Michael did not have to pull anyone's arm to go there. At that point Joe and the other children were as curious as me about the project's mysterious Michael. Michael worked at the attic until the last second.

Even when we were all gathered in the dining room that day, appetizers prepared by his cook Rane, Michael was still walking on all sides with workers, trying to put the finishing touches on that special project. Something must have gone wrong, because at one point I saw him in tears.

Whatever was the problem, Michael apparently managed to solve. Finally he appeared in the dining room and seemed much happier. Asking everyone's attention - as Michael was always a showman - he announced. "I have a surprise for you". He then led us silently to the outside and to the door leading to the attic. We climbed the stairs in single line.

I do not know who was the last person in line, but he or she must have been dying of anticipation. Everyone that got up there would let out a scream or cry.

What Michael did was to transform two rooms in a photographic version of "This Is Your Life" (a kind of documentary program showing the history of life). Starring the Jackson family.

"Take a picture," said the message on the board that Michael had put on the wall, "is to capture a moment, stop time. It is to preserve the way we were, the way we are. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Thus, with these photographs, I'll re-create some wonderful and magical moments in our lives ..."

Michael had gotten pictures from my personal collection. One day when I was not around, he walked into my room, opened the suitcase where I left them saved, and took them. The enlarged images spread throughout every inch of wall space.

"We were all very surprised, very touched. Michael was watching our reactions, it was obviously very important to him that we liked what he had done."

Ps.: (Text taken from the autobiography "My Family" by Katherine Jackson)

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